label services

Whether you need short-run digital labels, prime labels for product ID, custom thermal transfer labels, blank stock labels, or anything in between, CPP has the ability and expertise to provide your complete label solution.

When customizing your labels in house, the ribbon system utilized is a key component to ensuring performance. Our Label Experts know how to match the appropriate face stock with the correct ribbons for optimal print clarity and permanence even in the harshest environments.

  • Speciality Resin
  • Chemical Resistant Resin
  • White Resin
  • Resin- Enhanced Wax
  • Premium Wax/Resin
  • Premium Resin
  • Cab Printer XC6
  • Ribbon Printer

    • Chemical drum labels, pharmaceutical labels, automotive underhood labels, high heat resistant labels.
    • Drum Label, Hazardous Materials Marking, Component Labeling, Stell Shipping Tags, Automobile Parts, Jewelry Tags, Household Appliance and Telephone Nameplates, Tamper-Evident Labels, Electronic Component Labels.
    • Hazardous Materials Marking, Electronic Cable Labeling, Inventory Color ID Tags, Banners, License Plate Registration Labels, Decals.
    • Corrugated and General Carton Labeling, Retail Tags, Food Ingredient Label, Pharmacy Labels, General Ticketing, Apparel Size Marking/Pricing, Lot tracking.
    • Clothing Labels, Lumber Tags, Wire Tags, Tote Labeling, Ski Lift Tags, Hunting Tags, Horticulture Tags, Pharmaceutical Vial and Pill Bottle Labels, Medical Device Labeling, Lot and Part Tracking.